2015 : Lee Foundation Grant
Study of Function and Survival of Human Pancreatic Islets: Use of a Novel Xeno-Transplantation Model and Development of a Human Islet Isolation Facility in Singapore. Victor Lee (PI), PO Berggren (co-PI), Kek Peng Chin (co-PI), Daphne Gardner, Yusuf Ali, Angela Koh, Bernard Boehm. $1,000,000.

2014 : National Research Foundation
NAVISCOPE: Three-Dimensional Navigation Tool to Augment Laparo-endoscopy. Victor Lee (PI), Melvin Loh (co-PI), Rachel Hong (co-PI). $248,000.

2013 : Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology
Real-time Continuous Organ Perfusion Monitoring for Organ Viability. Victor Lee (PI), Krishnakumar Madhavan, Lian Yong. $50,000.

2011 : Ministry of Health (Health Services Development Programme)
Pancreas transplantation for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in Singapore. Krishnakumar Madhavan (Program Director), Victor Lee (Co-Program Director). $2,700,000.

2011 : Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology
3D compass navigational tool to augment laparoendoscopy. Victor Lee (PI), Guo Yong Xin. $250,000.

2010 : Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology
Novel Device for Stent Graft Development. Benjamin Chua (PI), Victor Lee (collaborator). $50,000.

2010 : National Kidney Foundation
Portable, non-invasive dry weight assessment and vascular access monitoring using modern bioimpedance analysis for optimal management of hemodialysis patients. Victor Lee (PI), Lian Yong, Guo Yong Xin, Lim Jui. NKFRC/2010/01/11. $70,000.

2009 : Medicine-Engineering Seed Grant Funding, National University of Singapore
Real-time continuous perfusion monitoring of liver allograft in liver transplantation with a wireless vascular flow sensor. Victor Lee (PI), Lian Yong (PI). $50,000.

2007 : National Medical Research Council
Cryopreserved cadaveric vascular grafts: studying the long-term effects of cryopreservation. Stephen Chang (PI), Chui Chee Kong, Victor Lee, Yu Rui Qi. $166,000.

2005 : National Medical Research Council
An alpha-fetoprotein based molecular taxonomy of liver cancer: Identification of candidate therapeutic targets in subtypes of aggressive hepatocellular carcinoma. Victor Lee (PI), Patrick Tan, London Ooi, Tony Lim, Alex Chung, Pierce Chow. $50875. NMRC/0986/2005.

2005 : Department of Clinical Research, Singapore General Hospital
Glypican-3: Immunohistochemistry study for its potential role as early biomarker in hepatocellular carcinoma. Victor Lee (PI), Tony Lim, Yap WM, Alex Chung, Pierce Chow, London Lucien Ooi. $8,000. DCR/P15/2005.

2005 : Department of Clinical Research, Singapore General Hospital
Elucidation of expression profiles of genes in alpha-fetoprotein positive and alpha-fetoprotein negative hepatocellular carcinoma by cDNA microarray analysis. Victor Lee (PI), Patrick Tan, London Lucien Ooi. $5,000. DCR/P14/2005.